There is no shame if you do not retire. In fact, retirement can be harmful to your health and...
longevity, not just your finances! #AgeWellth

A 100-Year-Young Medical Doctor says, "retirement is the enemy of longevity" and I so agree! 

I agree! I would laugh at an older former colleague and my dear uncle who never considered retirement. However, I watched how they were still mentally sharp as they continued to age. Those experiences started me to look around at others who had full lives after 'retirement.' I believe the key is if there is no joy from the work and you're just waiting to retire, then please retire because that is not healthy. However, please find something that makes you want to get up and at it in the morning. If you already have your dream occupation, then don't let societal norms push you to leave. If you want to leave or must, then continue that or other satisfying occupation in another venue. Also, there are other pieces to the puzzle, two of which are in the article.
Personally, I left a demanding career, moved into the wellness industry and I will continue to have this occupation until I leave out of here! #AgeWellth

What say you?

Expect great things and do them, by God's grace and for His glory!

Bonita Shelby
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