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DiVine Health Choices Next Level Self Care

Seven Pillars of the Next Level Self Care LIFEstyle

* Clean Air

* Clean Water

* Real, Good, Food

* Deep, Restful Sleep

* Moderate Intensity Activity

* Balanced/Harmonious Emotions

* Seed to Seal, Real Essential Oils

I am your Next Level Self Care Advocate

Next Level Self Care started with me. 

Some of the story is here. More will come later. 

Long story short, I've been on this amazing journey of learning and doing better with using natural products from the land for a very long time. I had a life threatening dis'ease and it has taken years to decades to fully embrace a wellness focused and intended LIFEstyle. The Seven Pillars of Next Level Self Care are packed with layers of healthy LIFEstyle options and choices, DiVine Health Choices. I will continue on this journey until I transition out of this earth realm, peacefully!

Many beloved family members passed away, before their time, before they completed their earthly assignments and in pain and agony.

My desire is to do everything I was sent here to do and with vigor and dignity, helping others do the same.

Bonita Shelby

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Next Level Self Care Advocate

Celebrating 28+ years of life after breast cancer!

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Bonita Shelby

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