Have you seen this 1954 video? The Secret of Selling to the Negro...#WellnessWednesday
AHa! So, this is how it got started...spending most of our consumer dollars outside of our own neighborhoods and with other nationalities and cultures. Now it's so ingrained that we spend our $1.1+ trillion all over the place...in malls, shopping centers, box stores, discount stores, online/ "we got it for ya" vendors and +++.  It's interesting how Ebony magazine was involved. It's some good and not so good about it all. #consumerism #salespsychology

Be sure of this, we can and are unwinding\untangling some it during this time of #RESET...

Here's the 21 minute video... 
WoW! Watch until the end.

Let me know what you think. Let's reason together.

Expect great things and do them, by GOD's grace for His glory!

Bonita Shelby


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