Organic, Conventional or Both? #WellnessWednesday
Why Eat Organic? 
This post focuses on fruits and veggies only, to not overwhelm. However, the following short article speaks of all foods and is worth reading for a general point of view. 

6 Reasons You Should Eat Organic + The Top Organic Produce You Should Buy

My Top Three Reasons for Eating Organic:
  1. No GMOs (a whole 'nother topic) and less toxic chemical load/pesticides overall, so there's no chemical taste; and generally tastes authentic...better
  2. It's similar to the quality my body remembers eating as a young girl and younger woman. (Hint: It didn't need to be labeled Organic.)
  3. It does my body good and I can tell that my body appreciates it. (Your Body Speaks, Are You Listening?)
How to get started? Link over to get your lists...
Dirty Dozen of Conventional fruits and veggies...replace these with Organic first
Clean Fifteen of Conventional fruits and veggies...continue purchasing these until you want all Organic

Whether you decide to jump both feet in and purchase all Organic or whether you decide to replace the Conventional/Dirty Dozen with Organic and continue purchasing Conventional/Clean Fifteen right now, you will be on a better path than ignoring and continuing to eat all Conventional. 

I encourage you to ease on down the road to Organic and do your body good!

Next Level Self Care to Empower YOU! Real, Good Food is one of the 7 Pillars of Next Level Self Care.

P.S. This is a good time to start, it seems there are more Organic fruits & veggies available now. Look for the '9' number &/or word Organic on the label which identifies it.

Expect great things and do them by GOD's grace and for His glory!


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