4/1 No Joke,  Afternoon Tea w/ Me  #WellnessWednesday
WHAT/WHEN: Weekly Meetups with your cup of tea, coffee or other beverage. (Check in or be a fly on the wall): beginning next Wednesday, April 1 (no joke! 😁)

WHY: To connect and build community during these unusual times of isolation

WHO: There's space for groups of 10, so the first 9 guests on have their space..

HOW: Chat about (1) what's important to you at this time (2) what plans you have for the new things (3) what's working & what's not working (4) tips (5) whatever else comes up

WHERE: The Next Level Self Care ZOOM line will be shared with those who have interest.

Please email me back to let me know if you're in. Also, what span of times work best for you.

In Love, Joy & Peace!

Bonita Shelby


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