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NingXia Bundle...BACK IN STOCK! item # 33926
If bought separately, they would cost $207; get this bundle for only $135 + see below for 10% off! (This is a great deal, which I grabbed .... it's a staple for me; I can tell a difference in my quality of life when I miss a day.) Highly recommended! 

This is a Starter Bundle anyone can buy! But, only new Customers or new Brand Partners can get one of my three, 10% off Promo Codes which expire tonight to reduce the cost even more!

NingXia Bundle: 
  • two 25 oz. bottles NingXia Red - nutritive infusion for whole-body support*
  • 30 individual 2 oz. pouches NingXia Red
  • 14 tubes NingXia Nitro
True Story: I don't always need NingXia Nitro but I had to pull one out this past Thursday to get me through a long evening. It's known for promoting cognitive fitness, alertness & physical fitness* and it did that!

The NingXia Bundle can last two months, depending how much you drink daily. 

An offer not to refuse:
If you cannot tell a difference after drinking at least 2 oz. of NingXia Red for 25 days and one NingXia Nitro when you feel you really need a natural pick me up, I'll buy back from you the unopened bottle, pouches or tubes.

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