Exercise is Prescribed by Doctors for... #WellnessWednesday
Great news! Even though some Doctors have already been prescribing exercise as a treatment, it has formally been recommended and reported by the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American College of Cardiology (ACC) as a first-line treatment for moderately high blood pressure and cholesterol. Yaaay conventional medical system!

(Medical News Today, June7, 2021)
"A new statement from the AHA suggests that exercise should be the first-line treatment for people with moderately high blood pressure and cholesterol." ..."sit less and move more"... "The AHA has published the new scientific statement in its journal Hypertension."

“In our world, where physical activity is increasingly engineered out of our lives, and the overwhelming default is to sit — and even more so now as the nation and the world is practicing quarantine and isolation to reduce the spread of coronavirus — the message that we must be relentless in our pursuit to ‘sit less and move more’ throughout the day is more important than ever,” says Dr. Gibbs. "

How exciting and affirming! And, all in line with my soon-to-be released body, mind and spirit friendly movement program; It's #5 Moderate Intensity Activity of the 7 Pillars of Next Level Self Care.

Expect great things and do them by God's grace and for His glory!

Bonita Shelby
Young Living Essential Oils Brand Partner