Real, Good Food... #WellnessWednesday
Real, Good Food is # 3. of the 7 Pillars of Next Level Self Care. Real, Good Food is clean, organic, beyond organic and sometimes locally grown foods that are free of toxic chemicals that most conventional foods or food-like substances are made of, with or from.

7 Pillars of Next Level Self Care
1.    Clean Air
2.    Clean Water
3.    Real, Good Food
4.    Deep, Restful Sleep
5.    Moderate Intensity Activity
6.    Balanced, Harmonious Emotions
7.    Seed to Seal® (Real) Essential Oils

Organic, Conventional or Both? (my blog update of April 20, 2020) is a great read for how to get started choosing clean produce. It has even been updated to the 2021 lists for the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen.

As a Young Living oiler, there are many helpful resources for identifying which Young Living products can be used to enhance our cooking and beverages, taking them to the Next Level. #yum

FYI: My fav grocery store is MOMs Organic Market. Check out their Ingredient Standards and 100 Banned Ingredients (and I still read the labels because no store will meet all of your standards.)

The pic is our Vitality Culinary Kit, a great start for the home cook!

If you have any questions, let me know.

Expect great things and do them by God's grace and for His glory!

Bonita Shelby

P.S. If this is not your challenge, please share with anyone for whom it may be.


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