Cheap, Rapid  At-Home CV19 Testing Advocacy #WellnessWednesday
I'm always seeking and learning about alternatives and complements, especially those that are body, mind and spirit friendly and empower us!

Cheap, Rapid At-Home (frequent) Testing is necessary especially since everyone is not interested in/waiting for the vaccines. BTW, these tests would not be those that reach deep into your nasal cavity. Thank God! The results would be easy to understand, like a pregnancy test (pic is from the Forbes article, link below, and is only one type being developed). They are not diagnostic tests for a clinical setting but are public health tools used by the public as another way to help in controlling the spread of CV19. How empowering! Other tests would be used to confirm its accuracy. This test has great possibilities in opening up interactions in our daily lives. Take a moment to think how you could use it!

I learned about this alternative/complement from Dr. Michael Mina, Harvard Med and have been following this group on Facebook... Rapid Tests Advocacy Network
For more info, this Forbes article sheds some light...Why the Biden Team Must Prioritize Cheap Covid 19 Rapid Test Production and Distribution. You can Google for so many more! Exciting!

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Expect great things and do them by GOD's grace and for His glory!

Bonita Shelby


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