HOW TO STAY HEALTHY THIS WINTER from AARP Bulletin September 2020: #WellnessWednesday
I've come to appreciate the Monthly AARP Bulletin and The Magazine that comes via postal mail. They have empowering info for all ages. (I don't agree with everything but that's goes for a lot of things presented to me.) Some people ignore AARP because it's associated with 'older' people. I resisted joining for about 10 years until I wanted a discount airline ticket four years ago. The best deal was by having their ($16) membership. AARP is a force to be dealt with; it's reach goes way beyond 'older' people. In fact, AARP's Chief Executive Officer, Jo Ann Jenkins, shared her stance in her 2016 book, Disrupt Aging A bold new path to living your best life at every age, recognizing and dealing with ageism for all ages, like how 'older' people may think of or treat younger people because of their age. AhHA! Love it!

Back to the task at hand...I've always wanted to have a Discussion group so I'm reaching out to see if you are interested in joining me in discussing this article, HOW TO STAY HEALTHY THIS WINTER. It's very interesting; some info is not new to me, some confirming and others have my attention because I underline or highlight it.

So, join me for the first #AgeWellth Chapter 66 Fall Chat, Sip & Chew via Zoom, 45-60 minutes, day and time TBD 

Expect great things and do them by GOD's grace and for His glory!

Bonita Shelby


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