From the Desk of the CCO #WellnessWednesday
From the Desk of the CCO  | Chief Consumer Officer #WellnessWednesday...

Oh but I confess, I haven't always made the wise consumer choice but in the end, it all works out for my good. However, I have had to look for the good! And, it's always been there!

A good choice: Since 2002, I've made the wise choice of embracing authentic, plant-based, Seed to Seal®, Real LIFEstyle products/provisions from Young Living Essential Oils to support my body, mind and spirit. It's one of the most intentional monthly investments I make to be sure my house/temple has these provisions to consume daily. These provisions support all of the systems of my body, including the vast immune system, allowing me to walk in divine health. They are staples for me and are part of my Next Level Self Care Plan! (Click Here to flip through our catalog to see the amazing LIFEstyle products we have for morning to night, for pregnant women to the elderly and all in between!) 

On this path of LIFE, I discovered scripture that instructs us in using/consuming herbs, spices, fruit, greenery and the leaves of the trees. One of my foundational scriptures is, "There is oil in the house of the wise..." Proverbs 21:20. I'm sure and secure in knowing that I can bring the LIFEstyle of the forefathers into my sphere of influence.

Now, let's look at the other side of this consumerism. I read this article earlier in this year and knew I had to share with others, especially since we have other choices/options. Blacks are Among the Largest Consumers in the US and Most Ignored. This is not acceptable to me as a CCO and I have found a way to not fall into this trap! How???...

Consumer to CCO to Ownership (To keep this post at a reasonable length, that topic will be continued next week)

I make Divine Health Choices!
I practice Next Level Self Care!
I walk in DiVine Health!

Expect great things and do them, by GOD's grace and for His glory!



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